Case Studies

Through our vast global experience, we have successfully applied our methodologies to products ranging from blockbusters to specialty products, with single to multiple indications, with sales in one geographical region to international markets. No matter how broad or narrow our client’s focus, how early or late in the product life-cycle, we ensure that key strategic questions are answered and tactical decisions are tightly connected to our client’s strategic game plan.

Right Sales Strategy for the Right Customer at the Right Time

After a very successful launch with rapid market penetration, sales growth of this pharmaceutical product began to flatten out. Wondering about the prospects for this product’s future – especially with a new competitor to enter the market within the next 9 months, Cogent was asked to assess what was driving this performance and what could be done to return to a more robust growth trajectory.

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Global Leadership, One Market at a Time

A top 20 pharmaceutical company marketed a $1B+ product to primary care physicians and specialists in 50+ countries. Despite the product’s overall #1 status and 50% market share, Corporate Sr. Executives recognized the portfolio of countries presented distinct opportunities and challenges, yet they lacked the information and resources to closely guide each country’s operating and investment plan. Cogent was hired to roll out its Brand Maximization process to provide added insight, planning rigor, cross-country consistency, and the ability to roll up country plans to the regional & global level…

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Finding Growth in a Stagnant Market

A mid-size pharmaceutical company with revenues exceeding $2 billion faced some critical decisions for its largest product and primary driver of growth. With slowing sales increases and other products still several years away from reaching critical scale, Cogent was hired to find a solution to maintain the company’s top line trajectory while managing profitability at the bottom line…

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Optimizing the Marketing Portfolio – Aligning Investments with Growth Opportunities

A mid-size pharmaceutical company had completed a strategic review of its largest product and realized that its marketing programs were not aligned with the identified growth opportunities. Cogent was hired to conduct an in-depth market analysis and to evaluate every investment as well as the overall portfolio mix for its strategic fit, financial impact and risk/return profile…

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Patient Loyalty Programs: Not Your Typical Points Program

Pursuing the dual objectives of strengthening their market position, while also improving medical outcomes for their patient base long-term, our client implemented a patient focused loyalty program. But this program went beyond the standard points & rewards program. This program not only achieved a 133% ROI, it also built the foundation for future products and services to help patients manage their disease more effectively. … And as an intended side-effect, it shifted the competitive dynamics away from the market leader’s established strong suit to a new, still unclaimed playing field.

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