Najy Alsayed

Dr. Najy Alsayed brings a widely recognized strategic thinking and performance driven mindset. Combining this with a strong customer impact and innovation focus, he has efficiently led and built international Medical affairs organizational capabilities. His skills and expertise were forged over decades of leadership roles in top Pharmaceutical companies, complemented with extensive academic experience and credentials.

Working client-side, he was instrumental in achieving outstanding registration and fast market access of 7 major Global brands across 5 disease areas covering development to registration and launch phases.

Dr. Najy Alsayed experience in pharmaceuticals spans over 25 years with multiple careers in Pharma, where he held national and international positions of increasing responsibility across clinical development, medical affairs, project management, as well as global sales & marketing. He also ran a multinational consulting company focused on R&D portfolio optimization and clinical development strategies.

His tracked record, experience, and expertise covers various disease areas including CNS, Gastroenterology, Bone metabolic diseases, immune-oncology, infectious disease and vaccines. He worked across both leading Pharma and Biotech including Pfizer, Novartis, Sanofi-Pasteur-MSD, CUBIST and MSD.

Prior to his work for Pharmaceutical companies, he practiced for several years as a clinician in internal medicine & Nephrology and as a researcher in cardiovascular and lipid metabolism at the INSERM in Paris-France and NIH in Bethesda-USA.

He graduated from Medical School and performed his internship training in most renowned hospitals in Paris. He also holds a masters degree in clinical biochemistry from the university René Descartes and a masters degree in international trade, sales and marketing from IFIP in Paris-France.