Our Team

The Cogent team consists of industry insiders with extensive experience and seasoned business advisors. This balance between industry and consulting experience ensures that our approach remains pragmatic, while also benefiting from the newest thinking in our functional areas of expertise. We specialize in bio-pharmaceuticals, but continually look to apply best practices from other industries to our clients’ business where appropriate.

Our team relies on individuals with a minimum of 15 years of experience in their fields of expertise as well as selected partner companies with best-in-class competencies in complementary areas. All of our partners have the flexibility to work seamlessly with other Cogent team and network members to provide a fully integrated experience for our clients.

For our clients this means getting the best expertise focused on a defined business issue without having to manage multiple vendors and/or integrate different recommendations into a single conclusion.

See more detailed bios of our associated partners below:

Corporate Partners and Alliances

At Cogent Consulting, we are continually looking to expand our ability to better serve our clients. Through seamless collaboration with selected experts in areas relevant to our clients and our work, we can offer a broader range of services, complementing what we have always done for our clients. A careful selection process ensures that our extended team works like a single partner to our clients and that our combined capabilities result in an integrated solution rather than disjointed pieces of work.

Enginologi offers analytics and data solutions to help clients fix underperforming brands. The technology was jointly developed by MIT and industry veterans to provide commercial pharma/biotech teams an easy to use, fast turnaround, yet extremely powerful engine to optimize sales and marketing resource allocation, find individuals with high promotional response, and drive commercial success for both launch and mature brands.

Lodestar is an advisory services firm that focuses on complex marketing strategy and implementation challenges – ranging from marketing sciences (mathematical modeling) to customer experience management to organizational change management.

Primus Consulting takes Consulting further: Helping clients hands on with the implementation of their recommendations in clinical development, medical affairs, marketing and sales, as well as compliance programs and audits. Based in Germany, Primus serves European clients as well as international clients looking to penetrate the EU market.

Redband provides a flexible platform for secure, collaborative, online business planning. Based on typical implementation timelines of 1-3 months, the Redband platform fills the gap between Excel spreadsheets and enterprise wide IT systems – for organizations that need more complex, robust solutions than Excel, but are not ready to invest the time and resources to build a permanent, fixed technology infrastructure.