Why Cogent

Our clients choose to work with Cogent for the personalized attention and our pragmatic approach. We aim for true collaboration because we know that effective team work that combines our skills and expertise with yours will always generate better results than either party alone could achieve.

Cogent recognizes that no decisions are made, actions taken, or behaviors changed based on an analysis alone, or a PPT strategy presented over WebEx.

We focus on driving successful commercialization for our client’s key assets – whether at their earliest life-cycle stage well before launch or at maturity or near the end of the life-cycle. To serve our clients better, we have built partnerships that extend our expertise to specialized areas relevant in different situations. This creates a broader menu of tried and proven methodologies, tools, and resources that can help address diverse business challenges faced by companies in similar situations.

The common thread that helps us be effective across all of our engagements, is a fact-based approach, a passion for asking critical questions, an open-mindedness to consider different points of view, and a commitment to achieve internal buy-in and consensus. Our team members’ substantial industry and therapeutic experience ensures that we truly understand your real world challenges and constraints … and that we remain pragmatic and actionable in our recommendations, always asking ourselves what you will actually need to do when decisions or strategies are given the green light to “go and implement”.

Don’t hire Cogent if you just need a report for your management – do hire Cogent when you are looking to temporarily augment your team with essential perspectives from experts you really want to work with to achieve results.

Networked expertise

With ever increasing specialization, Cogent is committed to providing the best experts and methodologies to our clients. This means that Cogent continually explores collaborations with subject matter experts (SMEs) and companies who complement each other and whose work keeps them on the forefront of the newest technologies, advances in data and analytics, and deeply in tune with evolving industry dynamics and emerging business challenges.

Cogent has developed partnerships with a select group of experts through years of collaborations on actual client engagements, which guarantees a seamless experience for you. The most important benefit, however, is that we can offer best-in-class solutions, tailored specifically to your business needs, without a large overhead. By combining diverse areas of expertise, we ensure that our recommendations reflect the big picture and consider all critical aspects of a business decision – avoiding narrow, single-dimensional analysis.

Therapeutic experience:

  • Allergy/Respiratory
  • Cardiovascular
  • Dermatology
  • Diabetes
  • Endocrinology/Metabolism
  • Gastroenterology
  • Hepatology
  • Infectious/Bacterial Diseases
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Nephrology
  • Oncology
  • Psychiatry
  • Rheumatology
  • Urology
  • Women’s Health

Proprietary tools designed to answer critical business questions

We combine disparate data sources to create market & business models that answer critical questions such as:

  • How much growth potential exists in the market?
  • What overall level of investment is appropriate?
  • What are the points of leverage?
  • Are we appropriately aligning resources with our core business objectives and strategic priorities?
  • Which customer groups’ behaviors do we need to influence?
  • What programs will achieve our marketing/business goals?
  • What assumptions are most critical to our ROI projections?
  • What metrics do we track for on-going marketing program evaluation and optimization?

Answering these questions will enable you to (1) identify and evaluate growth opportunities, (2) conduct scenario planning, (3) set realistic targets, and (4) project expected financial returns (e.g., “marketing ROI”).

A collaborative approach that facilitates teamwork, knowledge transfer and internal alignment

Our tools and models are designed to be used across the organization – contributing to a common fact base and shared insights on key business drivers. By drilling down or rolling-up data to the desired level of detail (i.e., from single territory, to national level, to regional and global roll-ups) we put a wealth of relevant information at the fingertips of an organization – ensuring that cross-functional teams can share information and ideas efficiently and focus on key business decisions instead of wasting resources searching for data.

Our role in your project is flexible as well – to be tailored to your specific needs, which we will define with you at the outset of a project. We aim to find the optimal balance between:

  • Independent, objective assessments and recommendations
  • Collaborative development of joint solutions
  • Capability building through knowledge transfer, coaching, and training your team

We work side-by-side with individuals at all levels of an organization, which fosters teamwork across organizational boundaries. This ensures that all aspects of a business decision are considered and that key stakeholders are engaged, committed, and ready to achieve a shared vision for the business.

A positive impact on business outcomes and long term success

We impact your business in two ways:

1. By leveraging all available information to its fullest potential so you can benefit from:

  • Deeper market insights
  • Enhanced predictability of business results
  • Organizational alignment around top priorities
  • Higher levels of commitment and accountability

2. By building capabilities that remain with you after our work is done. Our tools and associated processes help your organization repeat the “Cogent process” on an ongoing basis, laying the groundwork for continuous performance improvement.