What differentiates Cogent?

If you aren’t looking for a report, but a temporary team member, consider Cogent Consulting.

Cogent - your partner, your extended team.

Our experience positions us to complement your capabilities, but also challenge conventional thinking, to become your sparring partner with an unbiased perspective. We’ve been in your shoes and understand both internal and external barriers to success. Learn More

Networked Expertise.

Through Cogent’s network, you access expertise covering a diverse set of specializations, you work with local partners in key markets, and you gain partners that can fill many roles – from objective 3rd party analysis and advice, to coaches that help you build key competencies, to interim management while building your own team. Learn More

Global coverage, local presence in key markets.

Our geographic footprint opens doors and builds bridges – helping those companies without local partners enter critical pharma markets (US, EU) with local know-how. And serving those clients with a global presence with a truly international team that has worked in over 40 countries. Learn More

The full potential of your assets.

We specialize in finding ways to capture the full commercial potential of your assets from early development through product launch and maturity to patent expiration / LOE. We bring the right tools for the right job – combining relevant expertise from commercial, clinical, and payer/reimbursement disciplines to maximize the life-time value of your assets. Learn More

What’s New?


This series of short summaries aims to raise awareness of inherent Primary Market Research (PMR) traps and pitfalls – with the goal to help identify high quality research and boost confidence in the results from PMR studies.

PMR Challenges Intro

PMR Challenge #1: Respondent Bias

PMR Challenge #2: Biased Questions


Europe’s Diverse Pharma Spending Landscape:

Pharmaceutical expenditures, pricing, generics penetration vary greatly across Europe. A recently published OECD report sheds some light on the differences. Read a synopsis.

HCP Compensation Report reviewed by Professor of Law, Uni of Leizig

Prof. Dr. Schneider comments on the importance of the HCP Compensation Study conducted by Primus Consulting Group. It is an essential tool for compliance officers of every pharma company. See the full text.

Health Care Professionals Compensation Report – Germany 2017

HCP advice to Biopharma companies can be invaluable – but compensation must reflect Fair Market Value (FMV) unless firms want to risk paying large fines.

Find out how to buy the full study report including benchmarks to guide your compensation decisions and stay compliant.

AMNOG’s Effect on Pricing and Access Decisions

A recent decision by UCB to keep marketing Briviact in Germany illustrates the risks and opportunities associated with entering the German market since the introduction of AMNOG (Pharmaceuticals Market Reorganization Act) in 2011.

UK’s recent “Budget Impact Test”

Since April 2017, the UK’s NHS has the right to delay market entry of high value pharmaceutical products (from 90 days to 3 years). What are the expected consequences for the pharmaceutical industry?

Does Your Organization Speak the Same Language?

We don’t mean French or Mandarin – we mean the same business language. Read more about how ambiguous terminology can lead to missed business opportunities.

The Annual Ritual of Strategic Business Planning

Is your company going through an annual ritual or does it use the planning process to fundamentally re-think business priorities. Ask yourself some critical questions to find out … and learn about 7 elements of a more effective planning process.

Forecasting Pharma Sales without Big Data

Big Data has become a panacea for answering all kinds of forecasting questions – but how do we improve the quality of our forecasts when Big Data is not available?